Community Group

Our Small Business Owners of Southern Ontario Facebook Group is a supportive environment to ask questions, share ideas, and get tips and tricks from other creative entrepreneurs and small business owners.

First things first, let’s go over a few house rules.

  • BE RESPECTFUL & POSITIVE We are here to support each other on our entrepreneurial journey
  • BE HELPFUL We like to follow the motto “give more than you take”
  • NO SELF PROMOTIONS (other than on the applicable daily prompts that specify they are allowed). This includes posting about your products, services, upcoming events, and anything else that comes off as ‘sales-y’.
    If your post doesn’t align with these guidelines, it will be removed without warning.

    You are encouraged to use this group to:
    → Ask questions
    → Support and encourage each other
    → Share your business ideas and seek feedback
    → Offer valuable tools, resources, and advice
    → Seek opportunities for collaborations
    → Provide feedback and share your expertise

    Every Saturday is Small Business Saturday, where we hand the group over to one person to educate us on their business.

    Remember – please refrain from using this platform for the sole intention of promoting your products or services.

    This is a place for inspiration and learning  and with that being said…

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