Our State of Normal

After twenty five years of working with entrepreneurs and business owners, presidents and chief executives of little companies and big, starts ups and fully formed ones, I think I can speak with a bit of authority. Before success comes, and even after it does, there is always Fear.

How to Improve your Content and Engage More Readers

Would you like to engage with your readers rather than just talk at them? By now you’ve probably heard that engaging, well-written content is the key to establishing a memorable, trustworthy brand. Whether you’re writing website copy, a blog post, or case studies, good storytelling builds active readership and, over time, turns those readers into customers. Here are 7 important … Continue reading How to Improve your Content and Engage More Readers

Understanding your financial story

During the process of completing a business' tax return, an accountant prepares financial results or statements. The statements provide details about the gross revenue generated through sales, the expenses required to generate those sales, and the taxes payable on the resulting income. Many business owners only look at those financial statements once a year while … Continue reading Understanding your financial story